Who is Tommy Valentine?

Tommy Valentine is a civil rights activist, community organizer, and policy specialist running for County Commissioner in his hometown of Athens, Georgia. His campaign to combat poverty and discrimination in “America’s Poorest College Town” has earned national media coverage, as well as the support of progressive organizations such as Run for Something, Our Revolution, and the Working Families Party.

Over the years, Tommy has taken on many roles in the local community - entrepreneur, volunteer, advocate, campaign manager, neighbor, husband, father, Democrat, hip-hop artist, UGA MPA recipient, and graduate of Gaines, Hilsman, and Cedar Shoals. The relationships and friendships built during that time have allowed his campaign to assemble an unprecedented and progressive coalition of passionate people from all walks of life. As Flagpole Magazine says, “he's become known to a new generation of friends and fans as a thoughtful, constructive voice in Athens politics and the community.”