Affordable Housing in Athens, GA

Our campaign platform was born from a series of Lay Park community meetings that began in Fall of 2016. From the beginning, it was clear that Athens desperately needs increased access to affordable housing. We have carried that need with us throughout this campaign, from private conversations to the podium, from social media to public festivals, from living rooms to front doors.

Our goal is to develop, pass, and implement comprehensive affordable housing legislation. Such legislation must contend with and alleviate the history of local racial housing discrimination - including redlining and racial barriers to capital - and the effects of urban renewal. Athens desperately needs areas of inclusionary zoning, where new construction must contain a certain percentage of affordable units, and “affordable” is properly tied to local median income.

Beyond inclusionary zoning, there are many other steps that we have discussed and that can be explored:
- Single family / Co-Living, Space efficiency
- Municipal trust funds
- Syndication
- Civil Rights Committee
- Quantitative approaches
- Proper public land usage
- Public/private partnerships
- Reverse red-lining
- Demographic-driven property tax freezes
- Rent stabilization
- Ownership vs. renting policies
- Tax incentives by employers for local residence
- Granny flats

We recently hosted an Affordable Housing Virtual Townhall, in which most of the above solutions and ideas are discussed. View it here:

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