Economic Justice in Athens, GA

As of March 2017, Athens’s unemployment rate was 4.5 percent, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. In a city full of working people, why do we have a poverty rate of 38 percent? There are Athenians struggling to feed their families, and that’s unacceptable.

This campaign supports the nationwide movement towards a $15/hour minimum wage. More and more companies are setting up shop in Athens and hiring Athenians. They should be required to pay a living wage. Existing Athens businesses already paying a living wage must be recognized as well. This can be as simple as a city-issued badge on the door of every business businesses that adopts pro-employee wage and salary policies.

For too long, the harrowing history of racial discrimination in our town has been ignored, causing an unbalanced distribution of business ownership in our town. In order to correct the imbalance of privilege, we must adopt a municipal policy of investing in minority-owned businesses and contractors.

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