Transportation in Athens, GA

Transportation is a social right & vital public utility that should be accessible to all. From Pinewoods to Pulaski, transportation is a vital need for all that must be provided for. Athens must be a city in which people can move safely and efficiently from place to place, which is why this campaign is fighting for fair, free public transit; safe, walkable streets; and protected bike lanes.

Consider this: an addition of no more than $20 per year folded into existing city fees can make free public transit for all a reality. Fare free public transit would not only increase the mobility and freedom of those that rely on Athens Transit, but would decrease traffic, cut down on emissions, and increase the safety of our streets. Expanded local bus routes would increase the flexibility & maneuverability of all populations in Athens - only recently was bus service extended to the underserved Latinx community living on US-29.

As anyone who’s dipped a toe into the Prince Avenue crosswalk in front of The Grit knows, highly trafficked areas are often unsafe. All residents pay local taxes, regardless of their transportation method. Therefore, cyclists and pedestrians deserve municipal investment as well. We need family-safe, protected bike lanes, complete & accessible sidewalks, and improved infrastructure for those that choose not to drive or take the bus.

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